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How RedSwan CRE Is Using Blockchain to Make Commercial Real Estate an Affordable Investment Option

RedSwan CRE’s business objective focuses on liquidity as a key function of our platform, benefiting building owners and investors from all corners of the globe. We see an enormous necessity to bring affordability to investors around the world. Quality real estate is too expensive and typically available only for large financial institutions and investment groups.

The question facing the new age of commercial real estate is “Blockchain or no blockchain?” Eventually, we will all have to choose. We are at the stage of transformation where people are at a crossroads of choosing tokenization for their property to unlock liquidity. By using blockchain, the crowdfunding impact allows investors to reduce the initial investment cost, letting them diversify their capital into multiple projects instead of one without the historical requirement of holding them for 3 to 10 years before exiting. Based on U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations of Reg D investors, only accredited investors can participate in RedSwan CRE’s security token offerings (STOs).

We have decided to break down the barriers and make all RedSwan CRE opportunities affordable. Our minimum allocation entry across the board is just $1,000. For any investment we offer, you can participate with 1,000 shares and be a qualified investment partner.

Historically, smaller investors weren’t permitted or invited to participate in major $20M+ projects because the price of entry was too high, making it a challenge to access higher-quality investments. By investing with RedSwan CRE’s platform, customers can invest alongside major institutional companies with similar or exact search terms. …

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